Continually expanding the service portfolio

In keeping with the requirements of a dynamic market environment, we are constantly expanding the portfolio of services we offer to our clients. We and four partner institutions are pioneering the use of blockchain technology to settle promissory notes, and we assist the institutions in approaching and signing up (potential) securities account customers and offer a broad range of reliable back office services.

finledger: milestone for a technology of the future

finledger is a blockchain-based platform to settle promissory note loans that has been developed as part of a joint project by dwpbank, DZ Bank, Helaba, DekaBank and NRW.BANK. finledger can perform all settlement steps on a purely digital basis, including confirming the transaction and issuing the certificate. For participants, this makes the process a lot simpler and quicker and reduces process risks and costs.

After a first pilot transaction in May 2019, the project reached a new milestone last year, with NRW.BANK using finledger to settle the issuance of its own promissory note loan on a fully digital and legally compliant basis in September 2020, thus becoming the first development bank to do so. NRW.BANK issued the promissory note loan to DekaBank, which ceded the promissory note to DZ Bank. The same-day, paper-free transaction demonstrates the potential that blockchain technology and its use via finledger offers for banks.

With finledger now live, dwpbank's tasks include technical support for the app and helping future node operators link their infrastructure. We also issue the requisite contractual documents. In the current transaction, we were also responsible for coordinating and communicating NRW.BANK's requirements.

In the second phase of the project, we are now focusing on expanding our product range. The aim is for finledger to move beyond bank promissory notes in 2021 and also settle corporate promissory notes. Further improvements will also be made to the visual effects and user interface to make finledger even more appealing.

Blockchain is the secure technology of the future. Settling our first promissory note loan via finledger is another systematic step for us in keeping up to speed with the technological developments taking place in the banking sector.

Michael Stölting, Member of the Managing Board of NRW.BANK

Settling the transaction is a milestone for our project. The response we are currently getting from the market shows the keen interest in our innovation and spurs us on to further expand finledger.

Sebastian Seibert, finledger Project Lead, dwpbank

Wertpapier-Cockpit: pinpointing potential securities clients

For banks and savings banks in Germany, the securities business currently represents a wealth of untapped sales potential. Cultivating the market intelligently enables them to unlock this potential and secure fee and commission income. We have therefore developed Wertpapier-Cockpit, a new product offering aimed at supporting our client institutions' securities sales activities.

Wertpapier-Cockpit is a tool that automatically analyses the data of securities customers. It systematically evaluates existing data so that this can be used for further business development, for example by enhancing the specific focus of product sales activities or for targeted campaign planning. This enables the institutions to identify securities account customers who may be interested in securities investments and to approach them in a targeted manner.

For this product we are cooperating with specialist financial services consultancy Investors Marketing. On behalf of the financial institutions, Investors Marketing advises on how to optimally use the new tool, facilitates systematic analysis for the local advisers and thus boosts efficiency and effectiveness. Wertpapier-Cockpit went live in late 2020.

For this product we are cooperating with specialist financial services consultancy Investors Marketing. On behalf of the financial institutions, Investors Marketing advises on how to optimally use the new tool, facilitates systematic analysis for the local advisers and thus boosts efficiency and effectiveness. Wertpapier-Cockpit went live in late 2020.

In Wertpapier-Cockpit we have launched a new product that helps our clients make more out of their securities businesses. In this way we are leveraging data capture and analysis in the securities business to expand our data intelligence line of business.

Dr Heiko Beck, CEO, dwpbank

60,000 new securities accounts in the BOSC

dwpbank's Back Office Service Centre (BOSC) covers a wide range of back office securities services. For example, we offer our clients support in saving costs and meeting their regulatory obligations. Despite delays in the client acquisition process due to the pandemic, interest in this product offering is growing: we onboarded 15 savings banks with a total of 60,000 securities accounts as new BOSC users in 2020. At the end of the year we had thus chalked up a total of some 523,000 securities accounts acquired for our BOSC offering since 2017. We also welcomed Germany's biggest savings bank, Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa), as a BOSC client to go live in late summer 2021.


securities accounts acquired for BOSC services between 2017 and the end of the year.

We are continuously working to expand our BOSC offering. We have piloted the compliance support module, a new service to carry out substantive checks on voice recordings that is currently already in use as a special service at seven institutions. In the first half of 2021 we plan to offer this as a standard service to all savings banks. In addition, a BOSC securities accounts A/SCD service working group was set up in the past year. The focus is on SimcorpDimension, the risk management system of the savings banks that we are including as part of BOSC controls.

After our clients initially had to place the focus of their efforts primarily on responding to the coronavirus crisis in 2020, we are now starting to notice resurgent interest in our BOSC offering. As in previous years, there was continuing interest in the additional BOSC modules, which was mainly reflected in demand for A securities account services and WpHG controls in the compliance support module.

Dr Albrecht Walter Reihlen, Head of Client Management & Sales, dwpbank

dwp Service GmbH offers flexible back office services

dwp Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary based in Halle (Saale) that has provided back office services for dwpbank since 2017. Since being established, the young company's workforce has risen from seven to the current level of 180 employees. Over this period, dwp Service has assumed further processes in non-BOSC and corporate functions for dwpbank.

dwp Service strives to quickly and efficiently implement creative solutions and to continually improve processes and workflows. Self-managed teams and the latest management approaches enable it to respond rapidly to change, both internal and external. A focus on working independently and mutual trust pays off, particularly in times of mobile working. Results are assured thanks to reliable quality management.

dwp Service GmbH managed approximately 1.1 million securities accounts (BOSC services) in 2020, up from 870,000 in the previous year. Revenue has risen by more than a third since 2019.


million securities accounts managed by dwp Service GmbH as part of BOSC services in financial year 2020.